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Labour Party Conference | Growth and innovation, but for what?

  • Date(s)
    1 October 2012
  • Time
    08.00 - 09.30
  • Location
    Manchester Town Hall, Committee Room 2
Labour Party Conference | Growth and innovation, but for what?

Much of the debate around growth strategies has focused on how to foster high-skill research and innovation and pursue the objective of a knowledge-based, entrepreneurial economy. How can we match this market-friendly vision with broader social goals such as well-being, fairness, and sustainability? What about alternative measurements of growth?

Confirmed speakers:
Andrew Adonis, Labour peer and policy review adviser on industrial policy
Vicky Pryce
, economist and former joint head of the UK Government Economic Service
Mariana Mazzucato, professor in science and technology policy, University of Sussex
Roger Liddle, chair of Policy Network and a Labour spokesman on Europe in the House of Lords (chair)

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