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How the left can get Europe growing again

  • Date(s)
    16 May 2012
  • Time
    18:00 - 19:30
  • Location
    Westminster, London
How the left can get Europe growing again

Policy Network continues their series of Europe events in partnership with Compass and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung with a seminar asking "How the left can get Europe growing again".
Fiscal austerity has been the mantra of European conservative leaders for more than two years. After a significant but short-lived stimulus in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, EU member states have moved to radically cut public spending in the fear of experiencing the same turmoil as Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.
The European left has long criticised the self-defeating logic of austerity alone. “Growth” has now become a buzz word in political and media circles. Yet it is far from clear how things can be done in a different way. Some ideas have been floated, such as a European investment programme, a change in the mandate of the ECB, or better macroeconomic coordination. Industrial activism has also come back into vogue. But to what extent are these proposals workable? How can the left get Europe growing again? What can be done at European and national levels?
As Europe moves into a new electoral cycle, social democrats urgently needs credible answers.

Confirmed Speakers:
Douglas Alexander, UK shadow foreign secretary and Labour member of parliament
Hubertus Heil, former general secretary of the SPD and member of the German Bundestag
Mariana Mazzucato, author of "The Entrepreneurial State" and expert in industrial economics
Roger Liddle, chair of Policy Network and Labour member of the House of Lords


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