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Moving forward with mutuals and co-operatives

  • Date(s)
    28 March 2012
  • Time
    13.00 - 17.30
  • Location
Moving forward with mutuals and co-operatives

Social innovation and public service reform

Policy Network are hosting an international workshop and policy seminar on social innovation, mutualism and co-operatives.

The event will start with an introduction surveying the state of social innovation and co-operative governance in Europe. This will be followed by two sessions:

The first session will discuss mutualism and the public sphere, exploring the potential of co-operative and mutual governance in relation to three public sector policy challenges: social care, housing and local government.

The second session focuses on more financial aspects of mutualism, analysing how the development of affordable credit solutions and social innovation in finance can contribute to the fight against poverty and social exclusion.

The aim of the meeting is to focus on practical ways in which mutual and co-operative models can help alleviate the policy challenges identified in the agenda. In this context we seek to understand both the opportunities and barriers to progress (regulatory, economies of scale, capitalisation, institutional etc) in selected sectors. What can be done at local, national and EU level?

Speakers include:
Arnaud Breuil, director of external relation and European affairs, Cheque Dejeuner
Alain Coheur, director of international affairs, l'Union Nationale des Mutualités Socialistes
William Davies
, academic director of the Centre for Mutual and Employee-owned Business, Oxford University
Patrick Diamond
, senior research fellow at Policy Network and former head of policy planning in 10 Downing Street
Herve Guider, secretary general of European Association of Co-operative banks
Tristram Hunt
, Labour MP for Stoke on Trent
Ben Jupp, director of Social Finance
Peter Hunt, chief executive of Mutuo
Martien Kuitenbrouwer, Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) President of the District Council of West Amsterdam
Peter Kyle, deputy chief executive officer, Acevo
Roger Liddle
, Policy Network chair and Labour whip in the UK House of Lords
Bruno Liebhaberg
, secretary general of Gauche reformiste europeenne and former advisor to Jacques Delors
Mark Lynotte
, chief executive officer, Association of British Credit Unions
Robin Murray
, leading industrial economist and expert on social innovation, NESTA, Young Foundation
Steve Reed
, leader of Lambeth Council
David Rodgers
, executive director, CDS Co-operatives Housing and president of the International Co-operative Alliance’s Housing Sector Organisation
Andrea Romano, director of the thinktank Italian Futures and professor of Contemporary History at the University of Rome Tor Vergata
Martin Shaw, chief executive at the Association of Financial Mutuals
Judith Smyth, principal director at the Office for Public Management
Olga Zrihen, Parti Socialiste member of the Belgian Senate and vice chair of Gauche Réformiste Européenne

This initiative is organised by Policy Network in partnership with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), the Brussels‐based thinktank Gauche Réformiste Européenne and Solidar, the European NGO network.

Read the Policy Network pamphlet What Mutualism Means for Labour.

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