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The future of economic governance in the EU

  • Date(s)
    8 March 2012
  • Time
    08.30 - 16.00
  • Location
    City of London
The future of economic governance in the EU

The Eurozone crisis remains the decisive issue of the day. It splits political families, divides societies and heavily affects all of our economies. Only one week after the next  European Council, Policy Network will offer a unique opportunity to engage with some of Europe’s leading policymakers and thinkers on the most controversial questions surrounding the future of the EU.

The event is co-funded by the European Commissions’ UK representation.

A strong line-up of speakers, including leading experts from across the political, business and academic community in the UK and Europe, will share their insights on the latest developments including: the impact on the current sovereign debt crisis, the distribution of power within the European Union, the future of the single market, and Britain’s place in the EU.

Confirmed speakers:
Pervenche Berès, member of European Parliament and chair of the employment and social affairs committee
Marco Buti, directorate-general for economic and financial affairs, European Commission
Richard Corbett, advisor to President Herman van Rompuy, European Council
Constantin Cotzias, head of government relations and business development,
John Cridland, director-general, Confederation of British Industry
Charles Goodhart, former member, Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee
John Grant, former UK permanent representative, European Union
David Howell, minister of state, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Norman Lamont, member of the UK House of Lords and former UK chancellor
Philippe Legrain, principal adviser and head of analysis, Bureau of European Policy Advisers, Brussels
Roger Liddle, chair, Policy Network and Labour Party spokesperson on Europe, UK House of Lords
Peter Mandelson, president, Policy Network, member of the House of Lords,
former UK Business Secretary and EU Commissioner for Trade
Arlene McCarthy, member of European Parliament, European Union
Rainer Münz, head of research and development, Erste Bank, Vienna
André Sapir, senior fellow, Bruegel think-tank, Brussels and professor of economics, University of Brussels
Loukas Tsoukalis, president, Hellenic Foundation for European Foreign Policy, Athens
Helen Wallace, emeritus professor at the European Institute, London School of Economics
Nigel Wicks, chairman, Euroclear plc and former second permanent secretary, H.M. Treasury
André Villeneuve, chairman, City of London International Regulatory Strategy Group
Linda Yueh, economics editor, Bloomberg TV 

This event is co-funded by the European Commission and supported by the City of London.



Image: Joan Firstenberg 2009

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