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Mobilising for social democracy in Europe

  • Date(s)
    26 November 2011
  • Time
    15:30 - 17:00
  • Location
Mobilising for social democracy in Europe

Mobilising for social democracy in Europe: thinktanks, academia and the political world

Social democracy has become preoccupied with crisis and decline. As Europe moves into its next electoral cycle, centre-left thought must be subject to constant innovation and experimentation, exploring new challenges and reconnecting with the contemporary zeitgeist. This requires mobilising the left’s intellectual forces over and above the national level and bringing ideas back into the mainstream of European social democracy.

This is a joint Amsterdam Process, Next Left event organised by Policy Network, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies and Wiardi Beckman Stifting.

Frans Timmermans
, Dutch PvdA member of parliament & former minister for European Affairs
Maria Badia I Cutchet
, MEP, Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya and vice president of the S&D group of the European Parliament
Paul Magnette
, member of parliament for the Belgian Parti Socialiste
Olaf Cramme
, director of Policy Network
Olivier Ferrand
, president of Terra Nova
Chair: Ania Skrzypek
, FEPS policy adviser

About The Amsterdam Process

The Amsterdam Process is an ambitious process of strategic thinking by an ‘avant-garde group’ of European individuals and organisations, established to analyse the roots of the long-term structural decline of European social democracy. It was initiated by Policy Network, the international centre-left thinktank based in London, and the Wiardi Beckman Stichting, the thinktank for Dutch social democracy from The Hague, and derives its name from the famous Bethaniën monastery in Amsterdam’s red light district, where in 2010 a thorough post-Third Way brainstorm began: repentance and brave forward thinking in one move. It is above all an international collective effort, and it is in this context that the cooperation with FEPS and its Next Left research programme is so important.

About Next Left

FEPS Next Left research programme was launched in 2009 in order to examine the reasons behind the defeat of progressive forces in the European elections. The initial conclusions indicated a profound crisis in European social democracy, which in a natural way inspired further research into political renewal and its course. Since its beginnings, the programme has been conducted at the European level (through numerous expert seminars and conferences), at the national level (through round tables in cooperation with national partner foundations) and at the transatlantic level (through cross-comparative exchanges between progressives across Europe and the wider world).  The programme is honourably chaired by Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer, former chancellor of Austria and enjoys the kind support of Renner Institut, who have partnered with FEPS in this endeavor since its inception.

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