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Liberal market v ‘Rhineland’ capitalism

  • Date(s)
    21 October 2011
  • Time
    09.00 - 15.30
  • Location
Liberal market v ‘Rhineland’ capitalism

Liberal market versus Rhineland capitalism

Policy Network will be co-hosting a major roundtable symposium on the future of the UK and German economies.

This event will bring together a cross-party audience of senior politicians, business and trade union leaders, academics, experts, policymakers and media commentators to take stock of the central economic challenges facing the UK and Germany and the development of our economies and socio-economic models. The symposium will bring together key figures to debate how to achieve long-term growth and increased productivity as we confront common economic and social challenges, including the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis and ageing populations.

The all-day event is co-organised by the Bertelsmann Stiftung and supported by the City of London Corporation.

Image: Images_of_Money 2011

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