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Labour Party Conference

  • Date(s)
    25 September 2011 to 27 September 2011
  • Location
Labour Party Conference
Over the course of this year’s Labour Party Conference, Policy Network, together with partner organisations, will hold fringe events on immigration, mutualism and the future of European social democracy.

Date:   Sunday 25 September
Time:   18.00- 19.30
Venue: ACC BT Convention Centre - Marquee 3A (Secure Zone)

Fighting the conservative zeitgeist: Leadership in European social democracy

The future of the European left is at a point when social democrats can ominously count only four heads of government among the EU-27’s member states. What steps do we need to take to reverse this hammer blow to social democracy? How does the left go about regaining the all-important mantle of economic competence without sacrificing vital tenets of social progress?

Speakers include;

Douglas Alexander
, Labour MP and UK shadow foreign secretary
Jan Royall
, shadow leader of the UK House of Lords
Urban Ahlin
, Swedish Social Democrats MP and foreign policy spokesperson
Philip Stephens
, associate editor of The Financial Times
Emma Reynolds
, Labour MP and UK shadow foreign office minister
Ania Skrzypek
, policy adviser at FEPS, Next Left
Patrick Diamond
, Policy Network senior research fellow (chair)

In partnership with FEPS (The Foundation for Progressive European Studies)


Date: Monday 26 September
Time: 08.00 -09.30
Venue: ACC BT Convention Centre, Concourse Fringe Room 2 (Secure Zone)

Is the feeling mutual? Good capitalism and the mutualism movement

Grounded in the need to re-think the dominant economic and public service model in the light of the financial crisis and in the wake of new social challenges, both in the UK and Europe as a whole, this fringe event represents an important occasion to debate the place of mutualism within efforts to renew the centre‐left.

How can the progressive left make mutualism a core element of its response to the big society, while resisting the government’s efforts to hollow out the state? In what way can mutualism serve as a model of post-crisis economic reform in both the public and private sectors?  What are the practical, technical and regulatory barriers which confront cooperatives and mutuals as alternative forms of economic organisation?

Speakers include:
John Monks
, former general secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation
Gregg McClymont
, Labour MP for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch East
Michael Stephenson
, general secretary of the Co-operative Party
Meg Hillier (tbc),
Labour and Co-operative MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch
Roger Liddle, Labour party whip in the UK House of Lords (chair)


Date: Tuesday 27 September
Time: 08.00 -09.30
Venue: ACC BT Convention Centre, Concourse Fringe Room 1 (Secure Zone)

Is the rise of anti-immigration parties inevitable in an open Europe?

Immigration is a central issue across Europe and a critical challenge for social democratic parties. Are anti-immigration parties unavoidable in an open Europe which promotes the free movement of goods, capital, services and people? Should Labour become an anti-immigration party or oppose labour mobility? Or can anti-immigration parties be countered by a mainstream platform based on the effective local, national and EU-level management of mobility, labour standards and diversity, and on mitigating immigration’s uneven economic impacts?

Speakers include:

Maurice Glasman
, Labour peer and political theorist
Margaret Hodge
, Labour MP for Barking
Lilianne Ploumen
, president for the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA)
Sunder Katwala
, director, British Future
Phillip Souta
, director of Business for New Europe
Olaf Cramme
, director of Policy Network (chair)

In partnership with the Barrow Cadbury Trust and Business for New Europe.

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