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Community, identity and solidarity: Fostering trust in diverse political communities

  • Date(s)
    28 June 2011
  • Time
    13.00 - 18.00
  • Location
Community, identity and solidarity: Fostering trust in diverse political communities

Policy Network will hold a roundtable seminar on ‘Community, identity and solidarity: Fostering trust in diverse political communities’ in London on Tuesday, 28 June 2011.

It will bring together senior political figures and policy-makers with thinkers and experts from across Europe to discuss the challenges for integration and diversity management posed by high levels of public concern about these issues. The seminar is part of Policy Network’s project on immigration and political trust, supported by the Barrow Cadbury Trust.

Immigration has become an increasingly important issue for publics in many European countries and concern about immigration seems to be eroding trust in mainstream politics and political parties. Following on from seminars on the management of admissions and the economic impacts of immigration, the seminar will explore high levels of public concern about immigration in relation to questions of identity, diversity and community. Through a highly interactive roundtable discussion, the seminar will build on research into the relationship between diversity and trust, seeking to identify new ideas on how to foster trust in diverse political communities and directions for progressive coalitions.

Speakers include:

Daniel Höltgen, Council of Europe; Matthew Goodwin, University of Nottingham; Christine Antorini, Danish MP; Jean Lambert, MEP for London; Sunder Katwala, Fabian Society; Mohammed Mohandis, Gouda City Council, the Netherlands; Lauren McLaren, University of Nottingham; Maleiha Malik, King’s College London; Fiona Mactaggart, Labour MP for Slough; Dani de Torres, Barcelona City Council; Vaughan Jones, Praxis; Anthony Painter, co-author, Fear and Hope: The new politics of identity.

Policy Network publishes new research to inform the event below.

The angry white men and their motives

The potent combination of anti-immigrant hostility and political dissatisfaction is at the core of understanding support for the far right. Attempts to win back voters must involve confronting questions about identity and feelings of cultural threat. By Matthew Goodwin

National identity and political trust

Lauren M. McLarenIn countries where people tend to see their national identities in terms of factors that can be acquired - particularly learning the language and exercising citizenship rights - general perceptions of the political system are more positive. By Lauren M. McLaren

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