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The End of the West

  • Date(s)
    14 June 2011
  • Time
    12:30 to 14:00 (light lunch from 12)
  • Location
    11 Tufton Street, London
The End of the West

Policy Network will be holding a discussion and Q&A session with David Marquand on 14 June to mark the launch of his new book, The End of the West: The Once and Future Europe.

Opening remarks:
David Marquand, former Labour MP and Principal of Mansfield College (Oxford University).

Andrew Gamble, head of the politics department at Cambridge University and author of Between Europe and America: The Future of British Politics.

Stephen Wall, former UK permanent representative to the EU and author of A Stranger in Europe.

Roger Liddle, chair of Policy Network and Labour member of the UK House of Lords.

About The End of the West

Has Europe's extraordinary postwar recovery limped to an end? It would seem so. The United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Italy, and former Soviet Bloc countries have experienced ethnic or religious disturbances, sometimes violent. Greece, Ireland, and Spain are menaced by financial crises. And the euro is in trouble. In The End of the West, David Marquand, a former member of the British Parliament, argues that Europe's problems stem from outdated perceptions of global power, and calls for a drastic change in European governance to halt the continent's slide into irrelevance. 

Taking a searching look at the continent's governing institutions, history, and current challenges, Marquand offers a disturbing diagnosis of Europe's ills to point the way toward a better future.

David Marquand is a political writer and academic. He is a former Labour MP and chief adviser to the European commission and was a founder member of the SDP.

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