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Foresight Brazil

  • Date(s)
    16 March 2011 to 17 March 2011
  • Location
    Sao Paulo
Foresight Brazil

Brazil in a multi-polar world

Bringing together leaders and experts from Brazil and across the globe to discuss Brazil’s development and role in a multi-polar world, the Foresight Brazil symposium took place in São Paulo on 16-17 March 2011.

Brazil is now poised as an instrumental global player in the emerging international landscape. With inclusive growth and innovative policies, there have been tremendous achievements over the last decade. Yet the new Presidential administration also faces significant challenges in the years ahead. The choices the new government makes will have implications not only for its own citizens but also for others around the world. Organised in partnership with the Institute for Applied Economic Research and GACINT of the University of Sao Paulo, the forum brought together a diverse range of participants to explore these issues.

The symposium started with an intensive discussion among a select group on 16 March. This was followed by a public event that reached to a wider audience, including students and the media. Participants included Celso Amorim, former Brazilian Foreign Minister; Carlos Márcio Cozendey, secretary for international affairs, at the Brazilian Ministry of Finance; João Carlos Ferraz, director of the Brazilian National Bank of Development; Wu Jianmin, vice-chairman of the China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy; Peter Mandelson, former UK first secretary of state and EU trade commissioner; Frans Timmermans, Dutch member of parliament; and Andres Velasco, professor of international finance and development at Harvard University.

A number of significant policy challenges were discussed, including sustainable economic growth and development in the post-crisis era; the impact of globalisation on social cohesion within countries and how to combat internal tensions; and the ways in which Brazil can maximise and utilise its rising global influence. 

The Foresight project is organised by the Alfred Herrhausen Society, in partnership with Policy Network.

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