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Tough act to follow: what next for Brazil after the election?

  • Date(s)
    8 November 2010
  • Time
    12.30 -14.00
  • Address
    11 Tufton Street SW1P 3QB
Tough act to follow: what next for Brazil after the election?

Brazil is now poised as an instrumental global player in the emerging international landscape. With inclusive growth and innovative policies, there have been tremendous achievements over the last decade. Whoever wins the 2010 election will have a tough act to follow after the incredibly successful President Lula. And, the choices the next government makes, on issues from trade to energy, will have implications not only for its own citizens but also for others around the world.


Dr Timothy Power, university lecturer in Brazilian Studies, University of Oxford

Dr Edmund Amann, reader in development economics, University of Manchester

Dr. Power, one of the most prolific scholars on Brazilian politics, will lead an interactive seminar on the priorities of the next government and the implications that can be drawn from the election results about the changing nature of politics in Brazil. Dr. Amann, an influential economist, will comment on the likely development path of the country. The significance of the political process in addressing key challenges such as economic growth and social inclusion will also be discussed.

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