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Foresight India

  • Date(s)
    25 March 2010
  • Location
    New Delhi

Bringing together leaders and experts from India and across the globe to discuss India's role in an in an interdependent and multi-polar world, the Foresight India symposium will take place on 25-26 March in New Delhi.

Following a decade of rapid economic growth, India stands at a critical juncture. As a plural democracy in the developing world, it has extraordinary symbolic significance and is poised to be an instrumental player in the emerging international landscape. At the same time, there is much debate about the role India will play as it acquires greater clout in the international system. Organised in partnership with the Indian Council of World Affairs, the upcoming Foresight India symposium will attempt to clarify the factors that drive Indian policy-making on a range of critical global challenges.

Amoung the issues to be discussed are:

    * Sustaining economic globalisation
    * Ensuring resource security
    * Combating transnational terrorism

With Indian leaders from government, academic, business, and cultural circles, the event will provide insights into the multitude of views that shape India and its global positions. Senior policymakers, leaders and experts from across the world will also have an opportunity to advance their own ideas about how they perceive India's role in an increasingly interdependent and multi-polar world.

Please see http://www.foresightproject.net/index.asp for more information about the Foresight project and the upcoming symposium.

If you have any questions about this symposium, or the Foresight project, please contact Policy Network researcher Priya Shankar at pshankar@policy-network.net.

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