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A planet in peril: the politics of climate change

  • Date(s)
    2 February 2010
  • Time
    12.30 - 14.00
  • Location

The advent of a low-carbon economy is much discussed at the moment, but accounts differ as to what this new economy will look like. Technological innvovation will be pivotal to this process, as will the lifestyle changes stemming from a developing ecological consciousness. Yet, technology remains a highly contentious issue within the climate change debate. The Copenhagen Summit foundered on how technology would be transferred to the developing world in future, while debate rages in the developed world as to how the requisite innovation will be achieved.

Prem Shankar Jha, a distinguished Indian intellectual and journalist, argues in a new book, A Planet in Peril, that this issue represents a “black hole” in our perceptions of how a low-carbon society will be realised. The book proposes that a family of technologies can fill this hole, most of which are already in commercial use. Promoting greater use of these technologies would not disturb existing patterns of production and would  – vitally – confer a host of economic and social benefits upon our lives. This interactive debate will offer informed participants a rare opportunity to discuss and challenge the policy ideas contained in this book, and cast further light on a crucial aspect of low-carbon transition.


Prem Shankar Jha
columnist and former editor of the Hindustan Times, New Delhi

Anthony Giddens
former director of the LSE

Roger Liddle
chair of Policy Network

Venue: Policy Network boardroom, 11 Tufton Street, London, SW1P 3QB (light lunch provided)

If you would like to attend this event please rsvp to Jade Groves at jgroves@policy-network.net, or alternatively call 020 7340 2216.

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