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The future of social democracy

  • Date(s)
    5 November 2009
  • Location

Focusing on the future of centre-left politics in Europe, Policy Network, in partnership with Wiardi Beckman Stichting, will co-organise a highly interactive and intensive two-day roundtable discussion in Amsterdam. The event, hosted by Wouter Bos, deputy prime minister of the Netherlands and leader of the PvdA, and Job Cohen, mayor of Amsterdam, will take place on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 November 2009.

After a series of electoral defeats for Europe’s centre-left at the regional, national and European level, this important and timely gathering, will bring together politicians, senior government strategists and renowned thinkers to share their thoughts and ideas on how to stage a social democratic comeback in the months and years ahead.

The occasion will provide participants with a rare opportunity to openly confront the centre-left’s current ideological foundations as well as to conduct a candid debate about how to renew its political strategies and existing policies in order to reverse the decline in electoral support. The gathering will address a range of specific questions and challenges relating to the social democratic identity and mission in the 21st century, the relationship between social democracy and today’s capitalism, as well as the cultural and value dimension of social democratic politics.

If you would like further information about this event, please contact Jade Groves at jgroves@policy-network.net.

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