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Recasting the welfare state after the global financial crisis

  • Date(s)
    27 May 2009
  • Location

Policy Network, in partnership with the 2020 Public Services Trust will hold a select roundtable discussion with Professor Anton Hemerijck, director of the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy, on the future of the welfare state after the global financial crisis. This seminar will take place on Wednesday 27 May at the Royal Society of Arts.

Professor Hemerijck, along with other social policy experts such as Gosta Esping-Andersen and Maurizio Ferrera, has been prominent amongst a group of thinkers who have, for some years, argued that our welfare states must be modernised in light of the new social risks that have emerged since the post war era. His pioneering work on how welfare states should enable citizens to fulfill their potential throughout their life course has placed Hemerijck firmly at the centre of this debate. But the global economic downturn has once again transformed the context in which welfare reform must be considered.

Ahead of the publication of his forthcoming book, The future of welfare states: Recasting welfare for a new century, Hemerijck will travel to London to consult on his ideas with academics and policy experts in the field. This seminar will reflect on what the global financial crisis implies for the welfare state reform strategies that he, and other leading social policy thinkers, have advocated. Does the crisis reinforce the analysis put forward by Hemerijck, or rather does it mean that further rethinking will be required?

This debate is not only of relevance to the future of the welfare state as a whole, but also to how public services are designed and delivered within those wider structural frameworks.  Policy Network is therefore pleased to be holding this event in partnership with the 2020 Public Services Trust, a new independent think tank charged with launching a major inquiry into how our public services can respond to the significant challenges of the next decade.

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