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From crisis to opportunity: social justice in the global age

  • Date(s)
    29 June 2009
  • Time
    6.30pm - 8pm
  • Location
    London School of Economics, New Theatre

A special Ralph Miliband Programme public lecture, organised by Policy Network in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Science

The global financial crisis has starkly demonstrated two things; that globalisation has led to an unprecedented degree of global economic interdependence and that unregulated markets alone cannot be trusted to deliver desirable social outcomes. Subsequently, in many countries around the world, feelings of “injustice” have provoked an outcry among large parts of our populations, resulting in acrimonious protestation against today’s capitalist settlement.

However, the very notion of what constitutes social justice has always been complex and contested. In the context of 21st century globalisation, there are not only growing concerns that social justice is no longer a credible aspiration given the extent of international economic competition, but also that claims of social justice in the west are now of a second order as against the new concern with global justice, where the focus is on defining the moral responsibilities of the world’s rich towards the world’s poor.

To mark the launch of Policy Network’s  new publication “Social Justice in the Global Age” (edited by Olaf Cramme & Patrick Diamond, Polity Press, 2009), key thinkers and advocates in the field will lead a panel discussion about the imperatives for social justice as the global economic crisis slowly abates.

Chair: David Held, London School of Economics

Andrew Gamble, University of Cambridge
Diane Perrons, London School of Economics
Anthony Giddens, Former Director of the London School of Economics

If you are interested in attending this lecture please contact Kathryn Skidmore at kskidmore@policy-network.net


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