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The politics of climate change: from economic crisis to business revolution

  • Date(s)
    5 June 2009
  • Location
Please visit the specially dedicated conference website at www.policy-network.net/politicsofclimatechange

This conference, organised by Policy Network in association with the LSE’s Centre for the Study of Global Governance, will bring together leaders of the highest rank from the worlds of politics, academia and business.

The aim of the event is to discuss how the present economic crisis can lead to a business revolution in low-carbon industries and how the state can best play an active, incentivising and facilitating role in this process. Combining interactive plenary and roundtable discussions, the conference will also address how in the global recession policymakers and business stakeholders can build long-term political support for a low-carbon transition, mitigate serious energy security concerns, and ensure that a low-carbon society does not precipitate and entrench new inequalities.

See the attached agenda for details of the full conference programme. Further speakers are to be confirmed over the coming weeks.

The conference is the culmination of Policy Network’s “politics of climate change” project that aims to challenge conventional policy thinking on this pressing issue. Although an international agreement is an essential aspect of an effective global response to climate change, the project’s focus is on the need for more urgent national action and the complex political challenges western democracies will encounter in dramatically reducing their greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decades, if they are going to lead to the rest of the world on this issue.

Our cross-party, interdisciplinary research programme was developed through a series of expert seminars at the LSE in the summer and autumn of 2008. The programme’s key conclusions and policy proposals will be published in a pamphlet which will be launched in advance of the conference.

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