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The politics of climate change: The problems of forging a national policy agenda

  • Date(s)
    10 November 2008
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Policy Network, in partnership with the Centre for the Study of Global Governance has held the latest seminar in its politics of climate change work programme.

The seminar entitled "The politics of climate change: The problems of forging a national policy agenda", brought together a select group of senior policymakers, leading academics, business stakeholders and third sector experts to discuss national action on climate change in Germany, Poland and Spain.

Key speakers included Felix Christian Matthes, coordinator of the Energy and Climate Protection programme for the Oko-Institute, Berlin, Germany; Cristina Narbona, Spanish ambassador to the OECD in Paris and former Spanish environment minister; and Andrzej Kassenberg, president of the Institute for Sustainable Development in Warsaw, Poland. The debate was chaired by Roger Liddle, vice chair, Policy Network.

This was the third formative seminar of a major research initiative launched by Policy Network this summer on the politics of climate change, which aims to assess and shape an effective agenda for dealing with the political and policy challenges of climate change at the national level in western democracies.

The project was launched with a new paper by the Labour peer and sociologist Anthony Giddens, entitled The Politics of Climate Change: national responses to the challenge of global warming. The paper, which sets the framework for the politics of climate change work programme, argues that national political leaders lack a developed analysis of the political changes which will have to be made if their aspirations to limit climate change are to be met - especially at a national level where much of the action must occur.

The next seminar entitled The politics of climate change: Seeking a global solution through national action, will take place in London, 4 December, 2008.

If you have any questions about the event, or the research programme, please contact Simon Latham at slatham@policy-network.net.

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