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An EU ‘fit for purpose’ in the global age

  • Date(s)
    17 October 2008 to 17 October 2008
  • Location
    Hydra, Greece

An interdisciplinary, cross party investigation of policy options for the EU post-2009

Addressing the question of “what kind of Europe” is “fit for purpose” in the global age, Policy Network in association with the European Institute of the London School of Economics and the ELIAMEP thinktank in Athens have held a high-level roundtable discussion on the future of the European Union, in Hydra, Greece.

substantial seminar report summarising the key arguments and analyses arising from the discussion is now available. 

The meeting was the first highly focused step in Policy Network’s new research initiative on an EU fit for purpose in a global age. The framework for this project was devised after an initial brainstorming session in London in May, which brought together senior European policymakers, academics and thinkers in order to assess the major challenges and choices facing the EU in our changing world. Further events are planned for different European capitals over the next 12 months, ultimately leading to the production of a volume of collected papers on EU policy choices post-2009. 

The Hydra seminar focused on an interdisciplinary investigation of a number of key research clusters and policy areas, touching on political and legitimacy issues as well as socio-economic ones. The discussion drew on contributions from both the centre left and the centre right and resolved to find consensus in those areas where it is most prone to partisan arguments.

Working sessions were held on Globalisation and enlargement as a test for EU governance; In search of socio-economic reform and innovation; Financial capitalism and the governance of the Eurozone; Towards sustainable competitiveness; and EU politics and the market in the global age.

Key speakers at Hydra included Mario Monti, former EU commissioner for competition; Fritz Scharpf, emeritus director of the Max Planck Institute for the Studies of Societies; Anna Diamantopoulou the former EU commissioner for employment and social affairs; and Loukas Tsoukalis, president of ELIAMEP. A full agenda for the event is attached.

The discussion was informed by a number of thematic working papers by senior academics and policymakers on policy options for the EU post-2009.

The next seminar will take place in Paris on 16 December.

If you have any questions about this event, or the research programme, please contact Policy Network researcher Simon Latham at slatham@policy-network.net.




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