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A new progressive narrative - ideas from Australia

  • Date(s)
    29 October 2008
  • Location

Marking the first year of the Rudd government in Australia, Policy Network in partnership with Australian thinktank Per Capita, has held a strategy seminar with leading politicians and advisers from the Commonwealth and State governments.

The seminar, which took place in Brisbane on 29 October, built on Policy Network’s globalisation and social justice work programme and served as a platform for discussion around the fusion of policy and politics in the development of a progressive governing narrative. Looking for example at public service delivery, how to respond to the new global challenges, and the importance of sourcing new ideas, it also served as a follow-up to the Policy Network seminar A new socio-economic framework: progressive responses to globalisation, which was held in Melbourne, April, 2007. 

The seminar preceded the Policy Exchange 2008 annual conference, hosted by Per Capita in conjunction with Policy Network, which also take place in Brisbane 30-31 October.

For more information about this event please contact mmcternan@policy-network.net.

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