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Reform or irrelevance? Economic reform and Europe's future

  • Date(s)
    7 October 2008
  • Time
    5:30pm - 7:00pm
  • Location

As debate on how the EU should respond to the current financial crisis continues, Dr Laurent Cohen-Tanugi, a recognised expert and government adviser on European affairs, came to London to speak about the need for economic reform in Europe.

The debate entitled Reform or irrelevance? Economic reform and Europe's future, opened with Dr Cohen-Tanugi presenting his report "Beyond Lisbon: a European strategy for Globalisation", which was commissioned by the French government at the beginning of the year.

Responses were given by Simon Fraser, director general of Europe and globalisation at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Tim Cowen general counsel of British Telecom; and Gérard Tardy, a venture capitalist and member of Le Cercle d'outre Manche. The meeting was chaired by Roger Liddle, vice chair of Policy Network.

This event was organised by Policy Network in partnership with Business for New Europe.

EuroWorld 2015 - A European strategy for Globalisation

EuroWorld 2015 is a report commissioned by the French government on the future of the EU in relation to globalisation challenges and socio-economic policies.

The report proposes a reformed “EuroWorld 2015” agenda with both an internal and an external dimension.

The internal dimension would strengthen Europe’s knowledge economy and promote a new green economy. Meanwhile the external dimension would create a common external policy approach to pan-European challenges.

The report has generated a lot of interest since its publication in April 2008 (For further information, please see http://www.euroworld2015.eu/)

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