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The challenge of the ageing society - learning from best European practice

  • Date(s)
    23 September 2008
  • Time
    6.30pm to 8.00pm
  • Location
    Committee Room One, Town Hall, Albert Square (just outside the entrance to the secure island site), Manchester


Magdalena Andersson, former Swedish state secretary
Stephen Burke, chief executive, Counsel and Care
Ivan Lewis, parliamentary under secretary of state for care services
Patrick Diamond, director of policy and strategy, Equality and Human Rights Commission
Roger Liddle, vice chair, Policy Network (chair)

European societies are increasingly characterised by ageing populations, putting a strain on our already overburdened welfare systems. It is increasingly recognised that the central state cannot and should not attempt to solve this challenge by itself, especially in view of European electorates’ increasing resistance to high levels of taxation. What then should be the appropriate role of private individuals, the voluntary sector and local institutions in meeting the needs of Europe’s growing elderly population? This event will explore examples of best practice around Europe in the delivery of care for the elderly.

If you would like further information on this Policy Network event please contact Jade Groves, events assistant at jgroves@policy-network.net.


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