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Tackling poverty and inequality in an age of globalisation: A comparison of public attitudes in Britain, the US and the Nordic states

  • Date(s)
    9 July 2008
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Policy Network and the Fabian Society has held a joint seminar on tackling poverty and inequality in an age of globalisation. The seminar explored the ways in which global social and economic transformations – and the various government responses to them – are affecting public attitudes to social justice, taxation and welfare - and public concern about poverty.

This question was examined through a comparitive examination of the British, US and Nordic experiences. Alex Waddan, senior lecturer in American politics and American foreign policy at the University of Leicester gave a reflection on trends in America, Mikko Kuisma, senior lecturer in international relations at Oxford Brookes University on the Nordic experience, with Peter Taylor-Gooby, professor of social policy at the University of Kent representing the British perspective. The seminar was chaired by Roger Liddle, vice chair of Policy Network.

In the run up to the event Policy Network commissioned three articles as part of the intellectual preparation and as a prelude to the debate. The first article entitled Barack to basics, by Alex Waddan, asks whether the charismatic Democrat presidential nominee can change the way America thinks about poverty; the second article entitled a taxing dilemma by Peter Taylor-Gooby, looks at the disconnect between UK voters claim to support government initiatives to tackle poverty and inequality, and their increasing unwillingness to pay for them; and finally, in the third article entitled reinventing the Nordic model, Mikko Kuisma, argues that Scandinavian social democracy needs a new understanding of equality based on the value of diversity to survive in the global age.

For more information about the event and research project please contact Michael McTernan at mmcternan@policy-network.net.

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