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An inclusive globalisation: promoting prosperity for all

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    4 April 2008
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An inclusive globalisation: promoting prosperity for all
The 2008 Progressive Governance Conference and Summit convened over 15 world leaders, and the heads of major international institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, UNDP, and the WTO, to debate the theme of “an inclusive globalisation: promoting prosperity for all.”

Hosted by Gordon Brown, world leaders including the Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd, the president of Chile Michelle Bachelet, and the prime minister of New Zealand Helen Clark joined over 300 international policymakers, government advisers and experts to debate some of the most pressing issues facing progressive governments across the world today, including economic and social change, poverty and development, climate change and migration, as well as how international institutions can be reformed to meet the new challenges that globalisation presents.

Ahead of the event Policy Network commissioned a collection of preparatory papers to outline the challenges for progressive governance in the global age.

A progressive agenda for global action

Progressive Governance and globalisation: the agenda revisited
Jean Pisani-Ferry
Global challenges: accountability and effectiveness
David Held
From intervention to cooperation: reforming the IMF and World Bank
Ngaire Woods
Shooting the rapids: multilateralism and global risks
Alex Evans and David Steven
A progressive global deal on climate change
Nicholas Stern and Laurence Tubiana
Climate change negotiations reconsidered
Scott Barrett
Climate change versus development: trade-offs and synergies
Rob Swart
The new food equation: do EU policies add up?
Juan Delgado and Indhira Santos
Global policies for the bottom billion
Paul Collier
Addressing poverty in a globalised economy
Jody Heymann and Magda Barrera
Migration policies and the Millennium Development Goals
Ronald Skeldon
Growth, trade, integration and policy space
Duncan Green
Equity, education and the Millennium Development Goals
Kevin Watkins

Ahead of the conference, Policy Network's vice chair Roger Liddle wrote a paper on the need to forge a new global progressive consensus to meet the challenges of the global age.

As part of the intellectual preparation for the conference and papers, Policy Network also held a series of preparatory seminars in the month preceeding the event. Seminars were held on poverty and development, reform of the global institutions, trade and economic integration: engaging with global and domestic concerns, and climate change: global strategy and domestic policies.

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