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Equality: a political choice

  • Date(s)
    17 January 2008
  • Time
  • Location
    Policy Network, London

Sotirios Zartaloudis, associate researcher at Policy Network and PhD candidate at the London School of Economics, kicked off Policy Network's 2008 globalisation and social justice breakfast series with a presentation of his recent Policy Network publication Equality: a political choice.

In his paper, Zartaloudis argues that inequality is more a result of public policy than external or internal economic and societal processes that are beyond the control of policy makers. Zartaloudis proposes that the dramatic rise in income inequality in the US and the UK since the 1980s compared to other rich western European states is a direct result of political choices made by national governments, not globalisation or internal processes of social and economic change.

Roger Liddle
, vice chair of Policy Network and former economic adviser to EU Commission President Jose Barroso, gave a response to Zartaloudis based on his recently published paper Creating a culture of fairness: a progressive response to income inequality in Britain. In the paper Liddle argues that there needs to be a change in political culture and discourse about questions of income and wealth in the UK and calls for the creation of a “culture of fairness” to address the UK’s high levels of income inequality.

Graeme Cooke, research fellow at ippr and joint author (together with Kayte Lawton) of 'Working out of poverty: a study of the low-paid and the ‘working poor’’, published by ippr on 3 January 2008, gave a second response.

For more information about the event please contact Chelsey Wickmark on +44 (0)20 7340 2200 or email cwickmark@policy-network.net.

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