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Inequalities of integration: the British experience in comparative European perspective

  • Date(s)
    27 November 2007
  • Location
    The British Academy, London
Caroline Flint, the British minister of state for employment and welfare reform and chair of the Department for Work and Pension’s ethnic minority employment taskforce, spoke at a Policy Network seminar on the unequal economic integration of immigrant and minority communities in the UK. The event took place in London on 27 November 2007.

As part of Policy Network's immigration and integration research project, the aim of the seminar was to establish wider cross-national comparisons and a clearer picture of the related issues and challenges for cross-European government integration policies.

A focused analysis of the variations and characteristics of integration into British society and labour markets formed the basis of the seminar. Leading British academics were also joined by experts in the field from across Europe, seeking to overcome comparative methodological difficulties and facilitating the wider application of lessons from the UK experience.

By providing a clearer picture of key issues and processes that help produce unequal patterns of integration for different minority groups, the outcomes of the seminar will help to advance Policy Network’s broader project on labour migration to western Europe, which will, among other things, examine the factors influencing negative public perceptions and to disentangle these perceptions from migration’s actual economic impact.

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