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The European social model after enlargement: 'race to the bottom' or 'race to the top'?

  • Date(s)
    23 November 2007
  • Location
    Bratislava, Slovakia

With the accession of Romania and Bulgaria in January 2007 and following the biggest period of expansion in the history of the European Union, Policy Network, in association with the Slovak Governance Institute, held a seminar to debate the impact of enlargement on the European social model. The meeting took place in Bratislava in Slovakia on the 23 November 2007.

The seminar, entitled The European Social Model After Enlargement: 'Race to the Bottom' or 'Race to the Top'?, considered to what extent the social models of east and western Europe differ, the likelihood of convergence in the coming years, and whether the socio-economic impact of enlargement will ultimately engender a 'race to the bottom' or 'race to the top'. The seminar brought together around 25 to 35 policy-makers, academics and advisers from across the EU-27, and concluded with an open public session.

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