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British and French perspectives on labour market and welfare reform

  • Date(s)
    18 September 2007
  • Time
    12.00 to 1.30pm
  • Location
    Policy Network, London

Eric Besson, a minister attached to the office of the French prime minister with responsibility for forward planning and assessment of public policies, will join Policy Network for an informal debate on the French experience of labour market and welfare reform, at a special seminar in London on 18 September.

The seminar will provide an opportunity for frank and open discussion between like-minded progressives from both sides of the English Channel. For more information please contact Elena Jurado on 020 7340 2209 or email ejurado@policy-network.net.


Eric Besson is former chief economic adviser for the French Socialist party, who resigned during this year’s French presidential campaign. He has has recently launched a new progressive movement in France, whose aim is to reflect on the type of domestic policies which France and other European governments should develop to ensure that globalisation remains a positive force for economic growth and high rates of employment, while engaging with mounting public concerns about the way the global economy is currently operating. He is currently a member of the government of the French Prime Minister François Fillon.

He is the author of a recently commissioned report on the merits and drawbacks of introducing a so-called ‘social VAT’ in France, a step already taken by Denmark and Germany in order to relieve some of the social security burdens of employers.

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