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Coalition for the reform treaty launch

  • Date(s)
    12 September 2007

The Coalition for the Reform Treaty  launched today with the message that the treaty is in Britain’s interests as well as the European Union’s because it will lead to more efficient, effective and democratic decision-making.

The CRT, of which Policy Network is a member, encompasses a number of individuals and organisations with a positive view on the proposed EU Reform Treaty. It will seek to stress the positive policy impact of the treaty by acting as a focal point for pro-European activity on the proposed new arrangements.

Other members of the CRT include pro-European groups such as Business for New Europe and the European Movement, parliamentary groups like the All-Party Group on Europe and other thinktanks such as Demos and the Foreign Policy Centre.

Commenting on the launch of the coalition, Olaf Cramme, the acting director of Policy Network, said: ‘The enlarged European Union of 27 member states needs an updated rule book in order to become more effective.

'These reforms are pivotal to better equip and prepare the EU to tackle major international challenges, such as climate change, the geopolitics of energy, the potential instability of the current financial system and problems of migration and integration. The reform treaty adequately addresses this necessity.’

Since its launch in 2000, Policy Network has been actively involved in building a progressive 21st century case for Europe.

In January 2007, Policy Network published its Pro-European Declaration, which called on the progressive left in Britain to build a stronger case for the EU, enabling member states to meet the challenges of globalisation, while embedding social justice and opportunity for all.

In August, Policy Network published an exclusive website interview with the British Europe minister, Jim Murphy, in which he laid out the new Labour government’s position on the reform treaty and its wider EU agenda.

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