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Reinforcing the European Union

  • Date(s)
    20 July 2007
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Global Europe will be unsustainable without modern Social Europe, said Roger Liddle, Policy Network board member and Principal Economic Adviser at the Bureau of European Policy Advisers, at a meeting of EU politicians and experts on the 20 July.

‘European citizens are worried about new inequalities and the emergence of a new harsher capitalism. Neo-liberalism on its own will not solve Europe's problems and we need to face up to the underlying social unease in Europe,’ he said. He was speaking in a session on Reinforcing the European Union at the MacGill Summer School in Ireland.

He said the EU reform treaty was needed as the status quo was unworkable and unacceptable. Institutional paralysis would be deeply damaging to European integration and could lead to new pressure for a tightly integrated ‘inner core’ of countries which would weaken the integrity of existing EU institutions and the Single Market.

The session on the European Union was also addressed by Dick Roche TD, minister of State for European Affairs, Ruairí Quinn TD, former leader of the Irish Labour Party, and Professor Brigid Laffan, UCD.

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