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The future of schooling and education

  • Date(s)
    25 June 2007
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This  informal debate and discussion on the future of schooling and education, took place on Monday, 25th of June with Robert Hill, a leading independent consultant. Specialising in public policy issues, Robert Hill, previously served as an adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair and former Home Secretary Charles Clarke MP. 

The UK school system has made enormous strides over the past decade under Labour. Yet, in Robert Hill’s chapter contribution to Public Service Reform Group’s new book, Public Matters: The Renewal of the Public Realm, entitled ‘Education, education, education: the next decade’ he pinpoints the weaknesses and problems that will needed to be addressed by Labour. 

Robert Hill argues that the five big priorities for Gordon Brown's government should be:

1.      Empowering and incentivising students to learn. 

2.      Overhauling the curriculum and assessment frameworks. 

3.      Giving schools and head teachers a bigger role in leading the education system.

4.      Involving parents as co-educators. 

5.      Reforming school funding so that secondary schools are paid directly, incentivised to have a mixed intake of students and financed partly on the value and performance they deliver.

The seminar will provide a forum to analyse the arguments presented in the chapter, consider the implications of implementing it and whether the measures will be sufficient to deal with the entrenched problems Robert describes.


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