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Globalisation, the European Union and energy: tackling external and internal insecurity

  • Date(s)
    4 July 2007
  • Time
  • Location
    The Centre, Brussels

With energy and energy security rising up the international political agenda, Policy Network organised a half-day seminar in Brussels on Wednesday 4 July, examining the implications of this trend on Europe’s security, both internal and external.

This event looked at the political and socio-economic implications of the ‘third industrial revolution’ that is accompanying the move towards open global markets. Discussion centred on the complex challenge in approaching both the ecological and economic problems of climate change, as well as energy dependence and supply volatility. The distinct and interconnected roles of the market and state in this process must be clearly established as policymakers work towards a comprehensive and efficient industrial policy taking into account drivers of innovation and market sustainability.

Under the remit of its current work on the theme of globalisation and social justice in a global age, Policy Network will take forward this debate, taking a closer look at the implications of moving towards a low-carbon economy on the state/market/citizen relationship, recognising the potential and limits of each in achieving environmental sustainability; the conflict between a free market and protectionist policy paradigm with regard to foreign ownership of western (energy) assets; and what the European Union can do to anticipate the socio-economic consequences of the current industrial restructuring and ease the transition towards a post-industrial society.

This event brought together senior European experts and officials, leading the debate on climate change and energy security. Panellists included C Boyden Gray, US Ambassador to the EU; Andris Piebalgs, EU Energy Commissioner; Matthias Machnig, the German State Secretary for the Environment; Jörg Himmelreich, Senior Transatlantic Fellow, German Marshall Fund; Fiona Hall MEP; Nick Mabey, Founding Director and Chief Executive, E3G; and Matthias Duwe, Director, Climate Action Network.


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