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Globalisation, risk and inequality: towards a dynamic approach to sustainable growth

  • Date(s)
    5 December 2007
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Senior European progressives, including the Spanish minister for work Jesus Caldera and the EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson, discussed the challenges associated with the current wave of globalisation at a major Policy Network conference in Brussels on 5 December.

The conference, entitled Globalisation, Risk and Inequality: Towards a Dynamic Approach to Sustainable Growth, was the final event in Policy Network's international policy commission conference series, and addressed the sustainability of the new wave of globalisation in light of growing public concerns about the way in which the global economy is currently operating – particularly its effects on trade, employment and income security.

Sessions considered the risks associated with the current financial system and the reforms necessary for managing the global economy; how social policies can be shaped to make the current wave of globalisation socially and politically sustainable; and whether Europe can legitimately expect the developing economies to meet its social and environmental standards.

The conference also saw the launch of a new paper on income inequality in Europe and the US by Policy Network's researcher Sotirios Zartaloudis, entitled Equality: A Political Choice.


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