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Britain's cosmopolitan future

Jeremy Cliffe’s paper, Britain’s cosmopolitan future, argued that big-picture demographic, social and economic changes are together forging a more plural, open, fast-moving, post-industrial country. Mainstream politicians should embrace “cosmopolitan change”, as a strategy of "recoBritain's cosmopolitan future?nnecting with traditional voters" is actively counter-productive.
Today, with the Labour party in the midst of one of the worst crises in its history and the Conservatives boldly staking a claim to be the natural party for working people in modern Britain, Policy Network publishes a series of responses to Jeremy's publication.



Understanding the 'middling majority'
It is a mistake to conflate ‘mainstream’ and ‘metropolitan’ liberalism. Politicians should ignore the cultural anxieties of the average voter at their peril.
By David Goodhart

Progressives must embrace a more cosmopolitan electorate
Courting younger voters could help ensure our politics catches up with social trends sooner rather than later.
By Phillipe Legrain


A cosmopolitan future is not a forgone conclusions
The EU referendum will lead to both Britain’s populist Eurosceptics and utopian cosmopolitans having to seek majority consent for the futures they imagine.
By Sunder Katwala


A cosmopolitan cul-de-sac
A race to win the support of cosmopolitan voters risks provoking lower turnouts and further voter disengagement.
By Maria Sobolewska


Cosmopolitanism is an observation, not a strategy
Addressing the economic insecurities of the anxious white middle-classes has to be part of Labour’s plan for political recovery.
By John Halpin & Ruy Teixeira


The case for cosmopolitan populism
Those who both perceive and welcome the ongoing shift towards cosmopolitanism in Britain now need an emotive, cultural offer.
By Jeremy Cliffe