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Mission orientated finance for innovation: New ideas for investment-led growth

The role of the state in modern capitalism has gone beyond fixing market failures. Those regions and countries that have succeeded in achieving ‘smart’ innovation-led growth have benefited from long-term visionary ‘mission-oriented’ policies – from putting a man on the moon to tackling societal challenges such as climate change and the wellbeing of an ageing population. As the global debate on deficits and debt levels continues to roar, it is pivotal to ask what kinds of visionary fiscal policies we need to help promote ‘smart’ innovation-led, inclusive, and sustainable growth.

This ideas and debates series sets out a series of publications from Policy Network on the role of the state and progressive capitalism.



Mission-orientated finance for innovation
Policy Network publication which collects the experience of different types of mission-oriented public institutions around the world, together with thought-provoking chapters from leading economists. In the midst of a global debate on debt and deficits, the book offers a challenge to the conventional narrative, looking to find fiscal policy offering 'smart' growth.
By Mariana Mazzucato & Caetano C. R. Penna

Mending the fractured economy
Policy Network report on ‚Äčthe economy by the former transport secretary, Lord Andrew Adonis.
The report sets out reforms to boost innovation, tackle skills shortages and address youth unemployment, support growth companies, and empower city and county regions.
By the Adonis Growth Review

Owning the future
A Policy Network publication, edited by the former shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna, brings together leading experts, business leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians with ideas for how Britain can thrive in a context where the global middle class is expected to treble to five billion people in the next two decades.
Edited by Chuka Umunna

Progressive Capitalism in Britain
A Policy Network publication, in collaboration with IPPR, looks to debate several key issues on economic policy in the UK, such as the key principles required for a progressive political economy in the UK, and how governments can better support innovation-led growth.
By Patrick Diamond, Tony Dolphin & Roger Liddle