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The rise of the service economy: future jobs and wealth creation

Over the past four decades the mature developed economies - in Europe, North America, and Australasia - have faced massive structural change. Industrial production, which was once the economic backbone of these economies, has shrunk, while the service sector has taken over as the primary engine of output and employment expansion. In this ideas and debate series, Policy Network look to understand this shift, as it is vital for the development of progressive capitalism and centre-left political economy today.This series looks to build on the Policy Network paper 'A Progressive Economic Strategy: Innovation, Redistribution and Labour-Absorbing Services' by Wendy Carlin.


The rise of the service economy
The transition to a post-Industrial economy will bring significant challenges for western societies.  Parties of the centre-left are best placed to ensure that these changes do not imply serious compromises in terms of equity.
By Anne Wren


Falling behind in the innovation race
Europe and the united States have fallen behind in innovation, despite the importance of it as a large driver of growth. To make the 21st century better than the 20th, they must embrace policies that look to boost innovation and productivity.‚Äč
By Robert D. Atkinson


‚ÄčEmbracing low-end service jobs
While technological change may enable continued production of manufactured goods in affluent countries, it won't alter the downward trend in manufacturing employment. Public policy must ensure that job inequality should not spill over into social inequality
By Lane Kenworthy

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