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Sharing in the success of the digital economy

The digital economy is developing at an incredible pace, and has great potential to better the lives of many people. Policy Network and the Washington-based Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) have collaborated on researching the digital economy, exploring how information and communications technology (ICT) and the digital economy can boost living standards by driving innovation and productivity growth.

In early 2015, Policy Network and ITIF published a major collection of essays from leading thinkers from the UK, US and Europe on how progressives should develop new approaches to radical innovation. The subsequent publication was published by Rowman and Littlefield.

Below are a selection of essays on the digital economy, focusing on key themes such as the progressive power of innovation; thinking of new forms for tax policy and regulation in a digital age; tackling disruption associated with innovation; and the productivity challenge facing Europe.


The new 'New Deal'? Sharing responsibility in the sharing economy
New peer-to-peer ‘sharing’ platforms have the potential to boost living standards across the many countries which they span. But as the boundaries between the personal and commercial blur, these radical innovations can also undermine hard-fought consumer and employee protections. Governments and the market need to share responsibility for developing a new social safety net. Peer-to-peer platforms in particular have both a moral and a business imperative to protect the providers and consumers of their services.
By Arun Sundararajan

The 'collaborative economy': Competing on a level playing field?
Companies leading the ‘collaborative economy’ revolution, such as Uber and Airbnb, are harnessing technology to benefit consumers and drive productivity. But we need to see past the hype to determine whether these companies are competing fairly or merely avoiding regulations which are not fit for the digital age.
By Dean Baker

The 'collaborative economy' is growing, diverse, disruptive - and worthwhile
The ‘collaborative economy’ is unlocking new potential across a whole range of industries, helping individuals, community groups and small and large companies to radically alter how they interact. Policymakers need to make sense of these changes and refresh their approaches if they are to balance the interests of consumers, challengers and incumbents.
By Helen Goulden & Kathleen Stokes