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The 2014 race for Europe

The financial crisis has forced key changes in how the European Union operates. Yet these changes in EU governance have generated fundamental questions about the future shape and direction of the European Union. With the rise of populist eurosceptic parties across Europe, the next European elections look likely to be a battle for the future of the EU itself.

As the campaign for the 2014 European Parliament elections progresses, Policy Network here publish a new series on 'The Race for Europe". Critically examining the key issues facing the EU at this crucial time, the series is authored by former secretary general of the European Parliament Julian Priestley. 

The race for European leadership
In the next month there will be intense negotiations both about the nomination for the Commission presidency, and the others to be appointed to different posts in the renewal of the institutions.
By Julian Priestley

The campaign battleground
With three weeks to go until the European election, the new mode of presidential campaigning is in full swing. Has it made a substantial difference?
By Julian Priestley

EU election fault lines: Jobs and growth
Conservatives and social democrats diverge sharply on plans for growth and competitiveness.
By Julian Priestley

EU election fault lines: The free movement of labour
Cutting across concerns about immigration, wages and social dumping, the issue of free movement is a hot topic in most of EU countries.
By Julian Priestley

The German Grand Coalition effect: Better for Europe and the Left than many think
The German coalition agreement is important for Europe. It marks the first stage in a rebalancing of the European economy, and a greater flexibility on the key questions of governance of the euro.
By Julian Priestley

Politicising the European Commission: The genie is out of the bottle
The politicisation of the campaign for presidency of the European Commission is a welcome democratic gain for the EU project.
By Julian Priestley

Stopping the populist advance on the European parliament
The cardinal error would be for left, centre and right to defend ‘our Europe right or wrong’ and everything done in Europe’s name, against the Europhobe hordes.
By Julian Priestley