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Sharing in the Success of the Digital Economy

Sharing in the Success of the Digital Economy

Robert D. Atkinson, Michael McTernan & Alastair Reed

Policy Network's new pamphlet making the political case for the progressive power of innovation

Kaleidoscope politics politics

Kaleidoscope politics politics

UK politicians may soon need advice from their continental colleagues on how to deliver stability

Progressive Capitalism in Britain

Progressive Capitalism in Britain

Patrick Diamond, Tony Dolphin & Roger Liddle
New pamphlet on progressive capitalism and inclusive prosperity, published in collaboration with IPPR

Mission-Oriented Finance for Innovation

Mission-Oriented Finance for Innovation

Mariana Mazzucato & Caetano C. R. Penna
New pamphlet asking what kinds of visionary fiscal policies are needed to help promote 'smart' innovation-led, inclusive and sustainable growth?

Working for women, parents and growth

Working for women, parents and growth

How can we break down barriers to women’s participation in the post-crisis labour market?

  • Childcare • Jobs • Economy

    A childcare win-win

    Pierre Fortin

    Quebec’s low-fee childcare programme created more jobs, more than paid for itself and raised the province’s GDP

  • Women • Growth • Economics

    Time to add gender equality to the growth agenda

    Mari Kiviniemi

    Women’s equality is not just a matter of fairness. It is key to a nation’s economic performance and sound governance

  • Women • Equality • Employment

    Supporting working parents is good policy and good politics

    Kimberly J Morgan

    Women’s support for centre-left parties should not be taken for granted

  • Women • Equality • Industry

    Breaking down barriers

    Moira Nelson

    The challenges that women face in entering the labour market are multifaceted, so must be the policies which tackle them



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