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Innovation and productivity growth

Innovation and productivity growth

Policy Network and The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) are holding a London conference on productivity and innovation-led growth.

Sweden's election: A broken society, or not?

Sweden's election: A broken society, or not?

Katrine Kielos on the Swedish election and the fight over the future of the Nordic model.

Owning the Future

Owning the Future

How Britain can Make it in a Fast Changing World

Edited volume by UK shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna bringing together leading experts, business leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians.

Progressive Capitalism

Progressive Capitalism

Debate on how Britain and other industrialised countries can build strong, sustainable and inclusive economies for the future.

Understanding the populist signal

Understanding the populist signal

Debate on the drivers of populism and the scope for renewal of approaches to governance and representation in populist times.

  • Politics • UK • Labour

    Miliband needs to build a bridge to the future

    John McTernan

    Britain faces an urgent crisis of political authority and a fractured economy. The Labour leader needs to give a speech that squares-up to the easy promises of populism.

  • Elections • Sweden • Social Democracy

    Lessons for Labour from the Swedish Social Democrats' victory

    Patrick Diamond

    Centre-left parties elsewhere in Europe, particularly Britain, should heed the success of the Social Democrats in Sweden.

  • State of the Left - Sweden

    Sweden's election: A broken society, or not?

    Katrine Kielos

    Despite returning a new Social Democratic prime minister, there has been a general feeling of something being lost in Sweden.

  • State of the Left - Italy

    Renzi and 1000 days of reform

    Mattia Guidi

    The new Italian PM caught Europe’s imagination with his 40% score at the European elections. With Italy facing poor growth forecasts, his blitz of fast-paced reforms are undergoing scrutiny.



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