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Contact democracy for the hyper-connected age

Contact democracy for the hyper-connected age

A public event on how we can reinvigorate our democratic institutions and political parties for the 21st century.

The Uber economy

The Uber economy

A platform for centre-left revival?

Against the backdrop of cities across Europe and the US experiencing backlashes against companies using technology to shake-up industries, such as Uber and Airbnb, three essays explore this debate.

The myth of 'anti-politics'

The myth of 'anti-politics'

Anthony Painter argues that we are living in intensely political times, where a tech-enabled civic democracy is flourishing and new political forms are driven by emergent individualism.

Owning the Future

Owning the Future

How Britain can Make it in a Fast Changing World

Edited volume by UK shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna bringing together leading experts, business leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians.

Progressive Capitalism

Progressive Capitalism

Debate on how Britain and other industrialised countries can build strong, sustainable and inclusive economies for the future.

  • Brexit • Europe • Politics

    Brexit: The sleepwalking nightmare is upon us

    Roger Liddle

    Britain risks drifting dozily towards departure if the economic and emotional cases for EU membership are not made more forcefully.

  • Devolution • Identity • Populism

    A moment for self-government

    Michael Kenny

    Britain’s two main parties deride and dismiss nationalist and populist sentiments. The left should seize the opportunities they present.

  • Anti-politics • Populism • Ukip

    Anti-politics: It's not the economy, stupid; it's you

    Will Jennings and Gerry Stoker

    Populism is fuelled by discontent with the political class, but even Farage’s supporters don't believe politics is a waste of time.

  • Populist Signal • Democracy • Politics

    Populism: a flashing amber signal?

    Teun Pauwels

    We should consider populism's potential role as an egalitarian agent and a warning sign about the health of representative democracy.



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